Straight out of the box Arc feature a wide array of ever-growing features, and if you do not see what you need, the system is more than flexible and easy to write modules and extensions.
Features include:
  • User management system supporting basic CRM
  • Group based permissions system
  • Dynamic page creation and editing/management tools
  • SEO friendly URL construction throughout
  • Simplified AJAX functions for rapid development
  • Bootstrap 5 based with full themes support
  • Intelligent 404, 403 and 419 handling
  • Module system with MVC style structure
  • Over ridable views and function for full customisation of everything
  • Add-ons system to expand the function of existing modules
  • Build in flexible and extendable RESTFul based API
  • Media management module
  • Rich helper method to make handling data easy
  • Full CRON support and customer job system
  • Site wide search will full extention support
  • Route management
  • DataProvider for quick object creation and data manipulation
  • Built in sitemap generator